Mahaffey Financial LLC (Investment Advising)
Mahaffey Financial LLC(Investment Advising)

Mahaffey Financial: Experience You Can Count On


Your financial security depends on the decisions you make now. Mahaffey Financial offers a wide range of investment services designed to preserve and enhance your wealth. There are numerous incentives available to individuals who wish to set aside income for use in the future. Working with you, I will help you determine what combination of investments are right for your specific needs, whether you are conservative or aggressive in your investing strategy.

An overview


The Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is free of charge.  I will analyze your current accounts and portfolio to determine how they are performing in relationship to the annual return of the S&P 500 Index and determine what fees (wrap, load, annual expense ratios) you my be currently paying. I will then prepare a concise report of how your present portfolio or accounts are doing in relationship to the S&P 500 Index, and how much your are paying in fees to your bank or broker-dealer for your accounts.  I will also make some general recommendations on how we can work together in the future to improve the performance of your portfolio and avoid many unnecessary fees.

Providing A Diversified Portfolio Of Outstanding Mutual Funds

Once a client decides to use Mahaffey Financial as their investment advisor, based on the clients prefered method of investing (conservative or aggressive), I will prepare a portfolio of proposed outstanding money market funds, bond mutual funds, and stock mutual funds for your accounts.  The percentage you will hold in each of these three categories will depend on the amount of risk the client is willing to undertake.


Using Predominately Low Fee Mutual Funds

The mutual funds we work together to select for your portfolio will be only the top rated (5 or 4 star) and top performing mutual funds available in their category and on the entire stock market for purchase. None will be speculative in nature. These mutual funds will never have any front or rear load sales charges, and will have lower than average annual expense ratios. Unlike most investment advisors, Mahaffey Financial receives no compensation from anyone, so I have no reason to have you purchase poorly rated or poorly performing mutual funds, like many  investment advisors do that work on commissions.

Daily Monitoring Of The Clients Portfolio

Mahaffey Financial will monitor your accounts daily to determine how they are performing, and will work with its' clients to make any necessary changes in response to a changing economy or stock market.

Quarterly Reports Of Client's Performance

At the end of each quarter, Mahaffey Financial will prepare a concise quarterly report of how their clients portfolio is performing from when they started with us, or from January 1st of each year. These reports will be e-mailed to its clients after 3/31, 6/30, 9/30, and 12/31 each year. This report will show how each of your various investments are doing dollar wise and percentage wise in comparision to the return of the S&P 500 Index, which most investment advisors use as a benchmark.

Contracts Between Clients And Mahaffey Financial

The Pennsylvania Securities Commission requires that Mahaffey Financial prepares a precise contract with each of its clients detailing exactly what services Mahaffey Financial will be providing their clients and at what cost.  This contract can be terminated at any time.  Clients would only have to pay for the investing services up to the time the contact is cancelled.